10 Super Easy Squats For Beginners | Simple Squat Exercises To Lose Thigh +Hip Fat + Leg Fat At Home

Here is my 10 Super Easy Squats For Beginners , these are Simple Squat Exercises To Lose Thigh Fat, Hip Fat , Leg Fat Fast At Home. See How to reduce hips & thighs by doing Squats which are the best exercises to lose lower body weight, Simply the best Butt , Leg & thigh Workout.
Now Get Sim Legs I will be showing you the 10 most easy Variations of Squats for Beginners & Woman which can be done by everyone , including men , females , seniors and even obese and over weight people looking to lose weight quickly.

Squat is one exercises you should do every day , Not only it helps making you lose weight , but also helps in strength your core , makes your lower body strong but also burn your fat and calories , no wonder its called the calorie buster . Squats is one exercises which can be done anywhere to lose your leg , hip, thigh fat one of the best home workouts without the need of any equipment.

I am Natasha Mohan Weight Loss Expert and here are my 10 Most Easy Squat Variations for Beginners , Senior Friendly & Bad Knees too.

1.Simple Squat- 01:48
2.Sumo Squat – 02:25
3. Leg Raise Squat -03:14
4.Pulse Squat -03:53
5.Curtsy Squat -04:28
6.Toe Squat -05:03
7.Jump Squat -05:56
8.One Leg Squat -06:53
9.In and Out Squat -07:50
10.Squat Walk -08:45

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