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Recently, I’ve been testing out a device that measures ketones in your breath. Those ketones are what’s known as acetone, and it’s been an interesting experience. In this video, I’ll be going over testing ketones, and some of my thoughts about these devices compared to a blood ketone meter and urine ketone strips.

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Firstly, this video is sponsored by Qetoe. Also, just to let you know that Qetoe has also sent me this device free of charge.

Secondly, while testing your breath ketones using a device like this can be useful, it’s not a requirement for ketosis. If you consume at or under 20g of carbs per day, you’ll be in ketosis regardless. Testing is for people who like to know the ins and outs of certain situations, but again, 100% not necessary.

I did a video a few years ago about testing acetone in your breath using a cheap breathalyser. Firstly, I was a little naive back then, and didn’t realise the onslaught of questions and complaints I’d get by recommending a device that 1 – didn’t work all the time, and 2 – gave confusing results that weren’t easy to understand.

So, this video and device will hopefully address some of those issues, plus get into some of the science as to why breath ketones might be an interesting measurement point.

Let me give you some simple science behind ketones because there seems to be a lot of people trying to match this device to a blood ketone meter, which is the wrong way to go about it. Let me explain.

In the human body, there are three types of ketones.

1- Acetoacetate, which is created by the breakdown of fatty acids in your body
2 – Beta-hydroxybutyrate – or commonly known as BHB, is the ketone body commonly found in your blood which is broken down from acetoacetate.
3 – Acetone – Which is a waste product produced by the breakdown of acetoacetate into BHB.

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