Better Me in 2023?

A new video for a new year. My big 3 things that I’m working on this year, and how I did on my 100 day challenge. How’s your year been so far?

My name is Heather and I’m from Portland, Oregon. I am eating a plant-based, whole foods, unprocessed diet, with no sugar, oil, flour or alcohol, to take off weight and regain my life. I once weighed over 436 lbs and have released over 110 lbs eating this way and walking for exercise. I call my channel The Butterfly Effect because I believe that all the small choices you make, over time, add up and have a huge effect on your life. I wanted to show people like me who have 100, 150, 200 or more pounds to take off that it can be done and we can do it together. I am far from perfect and have struggled with compulsive eating and been overweight for all of my life, but there is hope for me and there is hope for you too. What can you do, today, to bring you closer to your goals tomorrow? Please consider giving my videos a thumbs up, commenting and subscribing. I would be incredibly grateful for your support on this journey!

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Is Green Tea Good For Weight Loss?

It prevails for green tea to be pointed out where shedding weight is needed. This is due to the fact that researches most likely to confirm that the tea has the required substances which help in dropping weight. It handles to play this function via increasing metabolic process, suppressing the cravings as well as enhancing the price of weight loss. The mix of results obtained from the substances as well as antioxidants that it has makes it an incredible superfood. It is among the most effective that you can choose to achieve your fat burning objectives.

The Best Cellulite Home Treatment Remedies

Cellulite influences a large number of ladies and it comes in various shapes and sizes. It can be one of the most pressing concerns that women have to put up with. This is particularly considering that females wish to look their ideal with as well as without garments. Cellulite can have an impact on self self-confidence in females, especially since it makes them maintain off from certain points such as using their preferred beach wear. It mostly assaults the buttocks, legs, thighs and tummy. Cellulite can be defined as fat deposits just below the skin, which leaves a rough dimpled view on the skin which is unpleasant. The good news is, you can quickly deal with cellulite from house utilizing natural secure treatments.

An Amazing Weight Loss Workout in Just 10 Minutes

While numerous busy people can not find the time to do a 30 to 40 min workout, or at the very least that is the excuse they make use of, virtually everybody including you, can discover 10 mins in daily to press in a quick workout. Yet because you are restricted in a timely manner, you need to maximize the other variable – intensity, which is the rate at which you exercise.

The Secret Ways to Lose 5 Pounds in One Week

First, let’s be clear that shedding 5 pounds in one week is not a sustainable technique to shed a great deal of weight; shedding 1 pound a week is a healthy loss as well as one you can maintain throughout your weight lose duration. Yet, there may be times, like that upcoming class get-together or your very first time at the coastline this year, when shedding 5 extra pounds quickly is needed. By integrating the following pointers right into your day-to-day routine for a week, you can lose that quantity of weight.

How Do You Get Rid Of Belly Fat – Simple Tips

Removing your tummy fat does not require to be hard with significant sacrifices. Here are some easy points you can do to melt fat, get lean as well as really feel excellent once more.

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