Hearty Vegetable Bean Soup Vegan Recipe

Need a delicious, hearty satisfying soup, chock full of vegetables, potatoes, beans, and tons of flavor but no oil or any bad stuff? Give this delicious soup a try!

Here is a link for the Fullstar multi-chopper: https://amzn.to/2T5OvZN
And here’s the Nessie the Loc Ness monster ladle: https://amzn.to/2FIWjOc
Here’s where to get the big 8 quart Instant Pot: https://amzn.to/3kdy6hT

Ingredients and instructions (with huge thanks to MudSockGirl!)
Here goes: Start by washing 5 Yukon Gold Potatoes then dice them and steam them in the microwave for about 12 minutes or so, then while that’s in the microwave add the following in your pot (either large pot or a 8-QT Instant Pot):

1. You’ll need the following from the WalMart Frozen Veggie Section (I’ll include the ingredients in case you don’t want to use the frozen short-cuts Heather gives us):
A) One (1)-10 ounce bag of Great Value “Seasoning Blend”. about $1.20/bag which contains: onions, celery, red peppers,
green peppers, and parsley flakes.
B) One (1)-20 ounce bag of Great Value “Pepper and Onion Blend”, about $2.30 which contains: yellow onions, red bell
peppers, and green bell peppers.
C) One (1)-14 ounce bag of Birds Eye C&W “The Ultimate Southwest Blend”. about $2.40 which contains: super sweet corn,
black beans, green Poblano peppers, red bell peppers, and roasted onions.
2. Now, in the canned vegetable section at WalMart you’ll find the next few ingredients:
D) Two (2)-15 ounces cans of Great Value Organic “tri-Color”, about 90-cents which contains: dark red kidney beans, pinto
beans, and black beans. These should be rinsed and drained as well.
E) Two (2)-15 ounce cans of Great Value Organic “No-Salt Added Petite diced Tomatoes, about $1.00 which contain:
Organic Tomatoes, Organic Tomato Juice, Calcium Chloride, Naturally Derived Citric Acid. Add the tomatoes as well
as any liquid
F) One (1)-8 ounce can of Great Value “Mushroom Pieces & Stems” about $1.25 which contains: Mushrooms, Water, Salt,
Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid. Just drain the mushrooms before putting them into your pot.
3. Now you can stir and add your potatoes (from your microwave); then stir some more. Now, you’ll need to add some
seasonings to the pot:
G) 2 TBSP minced Garlic
H) 2 TBSP Parsley–either fresh or dried
I) a dash of pepper–to your tastes
J) 1 TSP Smoked Paprika
K) 1 TSP ground cumin
L) 2 TSP of your favorite Salt-free Seasoning
M) about 2 CUPS of filtered water. Add more of less water to achieve your desired thickness you want for your soup.

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