My Costa Rica trip (at last!) ????????☀️????

My awesome friend Whitney and I visited Costa Rica in March. This is the long overdue recap of my trip. It was an amazing adventure and I’m so glad that I went, even though parts of it were challenging. I have limited mobility and balance due to a spine surgery that I had in 2020. I have decided not to put my life on hold until I am thin enough or fit enough. I’m going to enjoy life now and do what I can. I am so grateful that I found ways to enjoy myself and have a trip of a lifetime. So many people were so thoughtful and accommodating and Whitney was the best and most helpful friend that I could ask for. Costa Rica is incredible. I saw so many amazing beaches and animals and met lovely people. It was really fun making this video and getting to relive a little bit of it and share it with you. ¡Pura Vida!

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