What’s Wrong With You?

My name is Heather and I’m from Portland, Oregon. I am eating a plant-based, whole foods, unprocessed diet, with no sugar, oil, or salt, to take off weight and regain my life. I once weighed over 436 lbs and have released over 238 lbs eating this way and walking for exercise. I call my channel The Butterfly Effect because I believe that all the small choices you make, over time, add up and have a huge effect on your life. I wanted to show people like me who have 100, 150, 200 or more pounds to take off that it can be done and we can do it together. I am far from perfect and have struggled with compulsive eating and been overweight for all of my life, but there is hope for me and there is hope for you too. What can you do, today, to bring you closer to your goals tomorrow? Please consider giving my videos a thumbs up, commenting and subscribing. I would be incredibly grateful for your support on this journey!

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Military Diet

Do you wish to know about the army diet? This is a generally used program throughout the fat burning market. The information below will aid you lose weight at some point.

Drop 10 Pounds Without Eating Less Or Working Out

What if reducing weight didn’t suggest that you needed to deprive on your own or go to the gym every early morning? Think of if you could drop weight that conveniently today … Well, you can! In this write-up, you will discover exactly how you can start to retrain your body to become a fat loss device!

Top 6 Weight Loss Friendly Snacks

“I am attempting to reduce weight yet I can not keep my hands off of sweets!”, “My wonderful tooth always gets the most effective of me!”, “Sodas are my weakness”, “I can not stop chewing crisps!”. Say goodbye to excuses.

Weight Loss Tips

The adhering to are some vital weight loss suggestions whereby I collected in these number of years. Remain positive, and also maintain centered. Fat burning is to a greater degree a psychological fight than it is a physical one.

Eat Healthy Food to Lose Weight

Eat a well balanced diet regimen is a method to maintain fit and drop weight. It is additionally certainly a healthy and balanced and also efficient technique.

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